Workshops/Conferences & Training Programme Organized

Academic Year Date Name of Topic Name & Affiliation of Expert
2017-18 23/02/18- 24/02/18 Recent Advances in Project Management Software in Civil Engineering.

Dr. A. C. Attar, RIT, Sangli

Dr. S. S. Pimplikar, MIT, Pune

Dr. Sanjay Bhoyar, NICMAR, Pune

Dr. A. L. Agarwal, NICMAR, Pune

Prof. Gaurav Desai, GGSCOE, Nashik

2017-18 29/08/17-30/08/17 Two Days workshop on “Foundation Engineering and Analysis” Mr. Vivek Singh, Civil Simplified Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai
2016-17 22/02/17-23/02/17 Two Days Training Program on “STAADPRO” Mr.Pravin Pawade,Toyo Engineers,Mumbai
2015-16 21-22/01/2016 Role of Engineers in Development of Smart Cities

1) Dr. A.K. Keshari, IIT Delhi

2) Dr. Shankar Murthi, NITIE Mumbai.

Industrial Visits

Sr.No. Date Class Name of Company
01 26-27 /03/2018 TE Water Treatment Plant at M.I.D.C. Ahmednagar
02 21-22 /09/ 2017 TE Paithan Hydropower station, Paithan, Aurangabad
03 21/09/2017 BE Sewage Treatment Plant, Goa
04 20/09/2017 BE Salauli Dam, Goa
05 17 /09/ 2016 TE Paithan Hydropower station, Paithan, Aurangabad
06 6- 7/10/2015 TE

Paithan Hydropower station, Paithan, Aurangabad

Nathsagar Dam, Jaikwadi Irrigation Division, Paithan

07 30/9/2015 BE Sewage Treatment Plant, Walunj, Aurangabad.
08 30/9/2015 BE Flyover Bridge, Aurangabad
09 1/10/2015 BE Shri Guru Govind Singh Airport, Nanded
10 30/8/2015 BE Sun Pharmaceuticals, Ahmednagar

Extracurricular Events Organized

Academic Year       Date   Event Details No of student participated Name and Affiliation of Expert
2017-2018 18/01/2018 Quiz Competition 54

Prof. A. A. Waghmare

Prof. A.H. Jamale

2017-2018 30/08/2017 Aptitude Test 63

Prof. A. A. Waghmare

Prof. A.H. Jamale

Prof. P.A. Chavan

2016-2017 23/03/2017 Aptitude Test 53

Prof. A. A. Waghmare

Prof. A.H. Jamale

Prof. P.A. Chavan

2016-2017 06/09/2016 Quiz Competition 46

Prof. A. A. Waghmare

Prof. A.H. Jamale

2015-2016 07/09/2015 Aptitude Test 56

Prof. A. A. Waghmare

Prof. B.D. Kanawade

  Book Publications By Faculty

Year Name of Faculty Book Name Publication
2015-16 Prof. M.P. Wagh Basic Civil and Environmental Engineering Success Publication
Grants Received: Civil Engineering
Special grants have been received from AICTE/BCUD for modernization of laboratories of various departments. Financial grants have been received for organizing STTP/workshops in Civil Engineering departments.

Name of Coordinator Sanctioned Amount Funding Agency Sanction Year
Prof.M.P.Wagh 1.90 Lac BCUD, SPPU Pune 2015-2016
Prof.Ms. U.R.Kawade 1.00 Lac BCUD, SPPU Pune 2013-2015
Dr.A.J.Shirke 1.50 Lac BCUD, SPPU Pune 2014-2015
Prof. Ms. U.R. Kawade 2.00 Lac AICTE, New Delhi 2013-14

Students Achievements:


01 Suraj Dattaray Badadhe of BE(Civil) has qualified GATE-2018.

02 Swapnil Khamkar of BE(Civil) has published a book titled as “8th Game is On”.


Dhanshree Shinde & Kalyani Bhangale Of TE(Civil) Has Selected for 2016 Cummins Scholarship Programme.


1) Monica Verma & Vaibhav Pawar has won first prize in Paper Presentation at AVCOE, Sangamner.

2)Shahanawaz Shaikh has won second prize in Paper Presentation at Sandip Foundation COE Nasik.