Electronics engineers have lot of job opportunities in various fields such as Telecomm sectors, satellites and antennas, mobile communications and many more. He can get the jobs in private sectors like Wipro, Samsung, Nokia, Reliance, LG, Honeywell, Infosys, IBM etc as well as government sectors like MTNL, BSNL, DRDO, VRDE, HAL etc. He can also work as software engineer as a programmer, network administrator or quality testing.

Placement In-Campus & Off-Campus 2016-17.



E & TC Placement in 2015-16 Details…Click Here

E & TC Placement in 2016-17 …Click Here

Academic Year Name of Recruiter Number of Students Placed
2014-15 Nainko Exim Pvt.Ltd. 27
Indian Arm 03
Infinity ITES 16
CMS InfoTech, Mumbai 03
2013-14 Indian army U.E.S.23 01
Spectrum Planning Services Ltd. 04
Vedang Cellular Services Pvt. Ltd.,Mumbai 09
2012-13 Indian army U.E.S.23 01
R. & S. Electronics (India) Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai 01
Accenture Services Limited 01