We intend to provide our students with the best technical knowledge experience in the field of Electronics & Telecommunication from beginning to end, with a smart and skillful way by providing the exposure and platform to perform at highest level.

The mission of the department is to pursuit continuous quality improvement, stimulating the degree of meaningful work and supporting faculty and staff in satisfying in those whom we serve.
The department of Electronics & Telecommunication also supports the mission of Savitribai Phule Pune University, Pune through its undergraduate programs by providing the students with appropriate curriculum and educational experiences.

Program me Educational Objectives (PEOs):
To accomplish the mission, the Electronics Engineering faculties with advice from students, alumni and employers endorse the following objectives

  • Preparing the graduates to become leaders in their fields related to electronics engineering
  • Students will be prepared for the development and implementation of electronics systems with critical thinking skills to function effectively as the member of multidisciplinary teams.
  • To provide the students with solid foundation in mathematics, software tools and electronic engineering fundamentals to survive in any kind of competition
  • To built a student as a professional with ethics able to work as a team by using effective communication skills
  • To train a student with good electronics background so as will be able to analyze, synthesize, design and create a need product by their own.
  • Providing the students with an academic environment, right guidelines and lifelong learning manners.

Program Educational Outcomes (PO):

  • Graduate should get an appropriate knowledge , techniques and should be able to use modern engineering tools
  • Students will get a commitment to quality, timeless and continuous improvement
  • Graduate will have the ability to conduct, analyze and interprets experiments in order to apply experimental results to improve process
  • Graduate will be able to communicate effectively in both verbal and written form
  • Graduate will be able to identify , formulate and troubleshoot technical problems
  • Graduate will be able to work as electronic or software engineer in various industries
  • Graduate will be exposed to situations that will develop their sense of responsibility , accountability for one’s action and performance
  • Graduate can work on technical projects and can finish the task within stipulated time as per industrial requirement.
  • Graduate can work in research and development laboratories worldwide
  • They will have in depth knowledge to use one or combination of software, hardware, electronics, communication, networking and programming.
  • Graduate can appear any kind of competitive examinations
  • Graduate can also go for the research work