Subscribed Journals

A] National Journals :

Sr.No. Course Nos.
1 Civil Engineering 06
2 Mechanical Engineering 12
3 Electronics & Telecommunication 12
4 Electrical Engineering 07
5 Information Technology 06
6 Applied Sc., Mgt. & Humanities 03
7 Civil Engineering P.G. 05
8 Mechanical Engineering P.G. 05
Total 56


B] List of Journals & Periodicals Subscribed in 2017-18 :
1. Civil Engineering (UG+PG):

Sr.No. Name of Journal Frequency
1 Journal of water pollutions purification Research Quarterly
2 Journal of non-Destructive Testing and Evolution Quarterly
3 Civil Engineering & Construction Review Monthly
4 Journal of offshore  structures & Technology Bi-Monthly
5 Series ‘ of Journal IEI Series ‘A’ Civil And Architectural Quarterly
6 Indian Journal of Power & River Valley Development. Bi-Monthly

2. Mechanical Engineering (UG+PG):

Sr.No. Name of Journal Frequency
7 IEI Series ‘C’ (For Mechanical Aerospace, production
Marine Engineering
8 International journal of Fluid Mechanics Bi-annual
9 Journal of Tribology Research Bi-annual
10 Indian journal of engineering and material Science Bi-monthly
11 Recent Trends in Mechanical engineering and Technology Quarterly
12 Journal of Alternate energy Sources and Technologies. Quarterly
13 Jouranl of Refrigeration, Air Condition, Heating &
14 Journal of Modern Manufacturing Technology Bi-annual
15 Journal of Experimental and applied Mechanics Quarterly
16 Journal of Mechatronics & Automation Quarterly
17 Trends in Machine Design Quarterly
18 Journal of Automobile Engineering & Applications Quarterly

3. Electronics & Telecommunication :

Sr.No. Name of Journal Frequency
19 IETE Journal for Research Bimonthly
20 International journal of power Engineering &Green Technology (IJPEGT) Bi-annual
21 Journal of VlSI Design  tools and Technology Quarterly
22 Journal of microcontroller Engineering and application Quarterly
23 International journal of Embedded Software and open source system(IJPEGT) Bi -annual
24 International journal of Real time system (IJRTS) Bi -annual
25 Indian journal of electronic circuits and system. Bi -annual
26 Indian journal of Mobile communication and networking Bi -annual
27 Indian Journal of Electronic engineering and communication research Bi -annual
28 Indian journal of Robotics Engineering Bi -annual
29 Series ‘ of Journal IEI Series ‘B’ (E & TC) Quarterly
30 International journal of Electronics Signals& System. Bi -annual

4. Electrical Engineering :

Sr.No. Name of Journal Frequency
31 IEI Series ‘B’ (Electrical ) Quarterly
32 Tends in Electrical Engineering Quarterly
33 Journal in power Electronics and Technology Quarterly
34 Power line Monthly
35 Indian journal of Electrical engineering and research Bi-annual
36 International  Jr. of Electrical power and Energy Research Bi-annual
37 Electrical India Monthly

5. Information Technology:

Sr.No. Name of Journal Frequency
38 CSI Communications Monthly
39 ACM Transaction on Computer  Systems Monthly
40 International journal of Information& communication Technologies Quarterly
41 International journal of Computer Science and Engineering systems Quarterly
42 Indian Jr. of Advances in Computer science and Engineering. Bi-annul
43 IEI Series ‘B’ (Computer ) Quarterly

6. Applied Science :

Sr.No. Name of Journal Frequency
44 Indian Journal of Technical Education Quarterly
45 Journal of Engineering Education Quarterly
46 Resonance Journal of Science Education Monthly

7.ME. Civil Engineering :

Sr.No. Name of Journal Frequency
47 Indian Concrete Journal Monthly
48 Journal of Construction engineering Technology& Management. Quarterly
49 Journal of structural Engineering &Management Quarterly
50 Journal of Structural Engineering Quarterly
51 The Bridge & structural Engineering. Quarterly

8.ME.Mechanical Engineering :

Sr.No. Name of Journal Frequency
52 Journal of Nano science Nano engineering& Applications Quarterly
53 Journal of material & Metallurgical engineering Quarterly
54 International journal of Pollution and Noise Control Quarterly
55 International Journal of Advanced Mechatronics and Robotics Engineer Bi- annual
56 Journal of Tribology Research  Bi- annual

C]. List of Magazines Subscribed in 2017-18

Sr.No. Name of Magazine Frequency
1 Competition Success Review Monthly
2 Employment News Weekly
3 India Today Weekly
4 Lokprabha (Marathi) Weekly
5 Nokari Sandarbha (Marathi) Weekly
6 Saptahik Sakal (Marathi) Weekly
7 Sprdha Pariksha (Marathi) Monthly
8 DRDO Monthly


9. List of Newspaper :

Sr.No. Name of Newspaper Frequency
1 The Times of India Daily
2 Dainik Bhaskar Daily
3 Indian Express Daily
4 The Hindu Daily
5 Maharashtra Times (Marathi) Daily
6 Loksatta (Marathi) Daily
7 Sakal (Marathi) Daily
8 Lokmat (Marathi) Daily
9 Divya Marathi (Marathi) Daily
10 Sarvamat (Marathi) Daily
11 Samachar (Marathi) Daily
12 Nava Maratha (Marathi) Daily
13 Punya Nagari (Marathi) Daily
14 Pudhari(Marathi) Daily