Women’s Grievances Committee

A committee headed by the Principal is constituted to solve the matters regarding Women’s Grievances and to uphold the dignity of women at work and girl students.

Purpose & Function

To facilitate a gender-sensitive and congenial working & studying environment at P.D.V.V.P.College of Engineering campus so that women at work place and girl students are not subjected to gender specific discrimination or sexual harassment.

What constitutes the Harassment?

Any unwelcome sexually determined behavior (physical, verbal or any other form) which violates a women’s dignity and interferes with her ability to operate freely at work or a girl in college campus. Harassment would also include gender based discriminatory behavior.

Who can approach the cell?

Any woman employee academic/non-academic(including contractual, casual and temporary) or female student of PDVVP college of Engineering, Ahmednagar.

How to give the complaint?

The person concerned can personally approach/write/e-mail any member of the Committee. Email can be send to womencell@enggnagar.com The name of the complainant will be kept confidential.

Women’s Grievences Committee

Name of Faculty Designation Email ID
Prof. Mrs. J.P. Botkar Committee Incharge jpb.etc@enggnagar.com
Prof. Mrs. M.N. Kale Member mnk.it@enggnagar.com
Prof. Ms. S.S. Pophale Member ssp.it@enggnagar.com
Prof. Mrs. C.R. Shah Member crs.mech@enggnagar.com
Prof. Ms. K.R. Ghadge Member krg.elec@enggnagar.com