Students’ Council

What is a Student Council?
A Student Council is a representative structure for students only, through which they can become involved in the affairs of the institution, working in partnership with college management, staff and parents for the benefit of the institution and its students.

Role of the Student Council

  •         To promote the interests of the students
  •         To assist and advise the students
  •         To be the link between students and teachers and management.

Responsibilities of the Student Council

  • Attending student council meetings and providing guidance, advice and information if requested
  • Providing training and team development activities for the students.
  • Assisting the students in liaising with management.
  • Liaising between the students and staff by putting students issues on the agenda at staff meetings.
  • Encouraging staff to invite members of the student council to attend staff meetings and encouraging the student council to invite staff members to their meetings.
  • Helping to raise the profile of the students.
  • Helping to ensure the student council becomes part of the structure of the school and that it is involved in all aspects of school life.
  • Ensuring that students issues are on the agenda at board of management meetings.
  • Monitoring and evaluating the development of the students.

Student Council Constitution
Six different post of students’ council i.e. General Secretary, Gathering Secretary, Cultural Secretary, Sports Secretary, Magazine Secretary and Ladies Representative are allocated to each department based on rotation system. Each department selects/elects their representative from students and staff for the allocated post.
Student council organizes Annual Social Gathering and Annual Sports events every year. In addition to this, council also organizes various extra-curricular and co-curricular activities and celebrates various days i.e. Independence Day, Republic Day, Teachers Day, Engineers Day, Ganesh Festival, Shivjayanti during each academic year.

Student Council for the year 2016-2017

Sr. No. Name of Student Name of Department Name of Post
1. Nagpure Anjali R. Electronics & Tele. General Secretary
2. Palash Ashok H. Civil Engg. Gymkhana Secretary
3. Dafal Sumit N. Information Tech. Gatharing Secretary [Male]
4. More Sonam Deelip Civil Engg. Gatharing Secretary [Female]
5. Pawar Shubham C. Mechanical Engg. University Representative
6. Nawale Sushant S. Electrical Engg. Cultural Secretary [Male]
7. Dhote Snehal S. Mechanical Engg. Cultural Secretary [Female]
8. Gaikwad Akash S. Electronics & Tele. Magazine Secretary [Female]
9. Burkul Smita J. Instrumenation & Control Ladies Representative