1. Seminar / Expert lectures arranged

Year Date Name of the Topic Name & Affiliation of Expert
2017-2018 29/07/2017 Expert Lecture On Advances in Embedded Systems Nikhil Bhume from , Delta Embedded system,Pune
2015-2016 15/09/2015 Expert Lecture On Embedded Linux By Micro-Embedded Technologies Mr.Ashish Bhopale Micro-Embedded Technologies ,Pune
28/08/2015 Expert Lecture On Industrial Automation using PLC & SCADA Mr.Sagar Jagtap,Mr Bhushan Chaughule Winspire India,Pune
2014-2015 5/03/2015 Lecture on Career  Guidance After Graduation Vedant Ramekar Executive Engg.KPIT Cummins,Pune
17/01/2015 Expert Lecture On Career Opportunities in Electronics & Telecommunications Dr.Girish MundadaHead Training & Placement ,PICT,Pune
16/01/2015 Expert Lecture On “Analog & Digital Communications” Ajatshatru SomaniGeneral ManagerBSNL,Ahmednagar
2013-2014 03/03/2014 Expert Lecture On Big Data Vidya ChitreH.O.D.(Comp)Bharati Vidyapeeth,Navi Mumbai

2.Workshops & Training Programme Organized

Year Date Title of Workshop Name & Affiliation of Expert
2016-2017 01/10/2016 to 03/10/2016 Industrial Automation using PLC ,SCADA, HMI Mr.Vikram Borawalikar Winspire India ,Pune
2015-2016 10/09/2015 to 11/09/2015 Workshop on Android Application development Mr.Arun Kumar Robosapience ,Technology,Noida
2014-2015 02/09/2014  & 03/09/2014 Workshop on “Robovision-14” 1.Mitul bijlani
2Harikrishna Singh
3.Anup Chaudhari
2012-2013 27/08/2012  & 28/08/2012 Two Days Workshop on mobile making Avadh singh, Campus Component Pune.
09/2012 One week training Programme Er. Rajesh Beldar
26/03/2012  & 30/03/2012 Five days Workshop on PLC & SCADA Sandeep Thange, Krish Infotec
2012-2011 23/09/2011  & 24/09/2011 Workshop on PCB design concepts Mrs.Savita Kalane


3. Faculty Publications

Year Name Of Faculty Title Of paper Title of Conference / Journal




Prof. Udawant S.R. “Digital Image Processing By Using GMSK”, ICACDOT2016,Institute Of Nformation Technology(I2IT), Hinjewadi  Pune,
Prof. N.M.Deshpande, Prof.V.S.Khakal “ Image Enhancement Techniques For Ultrasonic Abdominal Images For The Analysis Of Kidney,” Icrtet-2016
Prof. N.M.Deshpande, Prof.V.S.Khakal, “Review On Investigation Of Kidney Diseases By  Ultrasonic Images On The Basis Of Image Processing Techniques”

National Conference On Smart Cities,Civil Department Pdvvp Coe,Ahmednagar.


Prof.V.S.Khakal, Prof.N.M.Deshpande, Prof.P.B. Varpe, “Measurement Of Npk By Using Ph Value ,”



Prof. A.V.Vikhe, ” Improving Speech Intelligibility Of Sensorineural Hearing Impaired And Real Time Noise Cancellation Using Filters”,

International Journal Of   Informative And Futuristic Research ,Issn 2347-1697 Volume 3,Issue 10,June  2016,Pp 3856-3866


2014-2015 Prof.A.K.Patil “Cross Layer Coding For Scalable Data Communication In Wireless Sensor Network”, Ieee International Conference On Computing And Communication Technologies(Iccct’15)26-27th Feb.2015 At Chennai, India
2014-2015 Prof.A.K.Patil “Integrated Cross Layer Controlling For Wireless Sensor Networks” Ieee International Conference On Pervasive Computing(Icpc-2015), 8-10th  Jan.2015 At Pune, India
2014-2015 Prof.A.K.Patil “Energy Consumption And Congestion Avoidance Mechanism Using Cross Layer Design Approach”, International Journal  Enhanced Research In Science Technology & Engineering , Vol. 3,Issue 10, Oct.2014,
2013-2014 Prof.A.K.Patil “Cross Layer Design Approach To Efficient Communication In Adhoc Network”,  International Journal Of Computer Networks And Security, Issn: 2051-6878, Vol.24, Issue.1, Recent Science Publicationsjune 2
2013-2014 Prof.A.K.Patil An Efficient Power Saving Mechanism Issues For Wireless Sensor Networks International Journal Of Software And Web Sciences (Ijsws), June-August, 2013,
2013-2014 Prof.A.K.Patil Standardization And Optimization Of Cross Layer Design For  Wireless Sensor Networks” International Journal Of Computer Networking, Wireless And Mobile Communications; (IJCNWMC) Vol. 3, Issue 4, Oct 2013
2012-2013 Prof.A.K.Patil “Gts Allocation Of Ieee 802.15.4 Used In Irrigation System” In. Journal Of Applied Research, Feb 2013, Issn No. 2249-555x

4. Seminar/Workshops Attended by Staff

Year Name of staff Date Subject /Topic W/S Attended at college
2014-15 Prof. Deshpande N.M. 12/6/2014 to 14/6/2014 DSP BSIOT&R, Wagholi, Pune.
Prof. P.P.Bhalerao 12/6/2014 to 14/6/2014 Electromagnetics K.J.COE& Management Research, Pisoli, Pune
Prof. A.R.Landge 12/6/2104 to 14/6/2014 Digital Communication MESCOE Late V.K.Jogpath Wadia Campus, Pune
Prof. Kalawade C.K. 12/6/2104 to 14/6/2014 Microcontroller & application MIT,Kothrud,Pune
Prof. Lawande R.J. 12/6/2014 to 14/6/2014
11/12/2014 to 13/12/2014
SPOS Embedded Processor MMM’s COE Karvenagar NBN, Sinhgad School of Engg.,Pune.
Prof. Khakal V.S. 11/12/2014 to13/12/2014 AWP Bharti Vidyapith COE, Pune
2013-14 Prof. Landge A.R 2/12/2013 to 7/12/2013 C.O. AISSMSIOIT, Pune.
Prof. Avhad M.B. 17/6/2013 to 22/6/2013
2/12/2013 to 7/12/2013
Prof. Pansare K.N. 2/12/2013 to 7/12/2013 ICA Cummins COE, Pune
Prof. Varpe P.B. 2/12/2013 to 7/12/2013 AC G.H.Raisoni Inst. Of Engg & Mgt., Pune
Prof. Wamne S.J. 13/12/2013 Electronics & Electrical Engg. MMCOE, Karvenagar, Pune.
Prof. Pawase T.N. 2/12/2013 to 7/12/2013 Control System DCOER, Pune
Prof. Khakal V.S. 17/6/2013 to 22/6/2013 Network Theory PVG COE Pune.
Prof. Gaikwad S.U 17/6/2013 to 22/6/2013 Signals & Systems PICT Pune.
Prof. Lawande R.J. 17/6/2013 to 22/6/2013 Digital Electronics SCOE, Wadgaon Budruk, Pune.
Prof. Pansare K.N. 17/6/2013 to 22/6/2013 EDC SIT&S,Pune.
2012-13 Prof. Wamne S.J. 18/3/2013 Online Exam of Electromagnetic Gokhale ESSRH COE Nashik
2011-12 Prof. Magar S.S. 7/1/2012 Nanotechnology VIIT, Pune
Prof. Botkar J.P. 13/7/2011 to 7/1/2012 Computer Network OFC JSPM’s ICOER, Wagholi, Pune
DCOE&R, Pune.
Prof. Landge A.R 13/7/2011 VLSI G.H.Raisoni COE&Mgt. Wagholi, Pune


5. Seminar/Conference/Workshops Attended by Students

Year Name of Student Event Details Date Remark
2016-2017 Kuyate Trupti Presented Paper on “Context aware system”,Technovision-2K17,DVVP COE, Ahmednagar. 12th & 13th Jan 2017 1st Prize
Katkar Ganesh Presented Paper on “Hover Craft”, State level Conference Technovision-2K17,DVVP COE, Ahmednagar 12th & 13th Jan 2017 1st Prize
Nagapure Anjali Presented Paper on “Automated Planarity Measurement of an Electromagnet”, State level Conference Technovision-2K17,DVVP COE, Ahmednagar. 12th & 13th Jan 2017 1st Prize
Vijay Shelar Presented Paper on “Android Communication”,State level Conference Technovision-2K17,DVVPCOE, Ahmednagar 12th & 13th Jan 2017 1st Prize
Shivani Rajendra Chittewan Participated in VISHWAPRENEUR’17, National Level Entrepreneurial Convention at VIIT, Pune 11th-12th February 2017 1st Prize
Gunjkar Pratiksha Participated in VISHWAPRENEUR’17, National Level Entrepreneurial Convention 11th-12th February 2017 1st Prize
Nair Akash Participated in “C-Coding”,5th National Techfest CONNOISSEUR-2K16 at AVCOE ,Sangamner 8th-9th September 2016 1st Prize
2014-2015 Shubham Lodha Technical Quiz State Level Technical Symposium, dvvp It Dpt. 25/03/2015 1st Prize
Gore Prajakta Art And Craft Collection Rhythem 2015,Annual Social Gathering 27/02/2015 1st Prize
Vikas Kumar Rai QUIZ 25/02/2015 1st Prize
2013-2014 Vikas Kumar Rai Group Discussion ,DVVP ETC DPT 13/03/2015 1st Prize
1.Pawar Eknath
2.Bhadane Bhushan
3.Chaudhari Sachin
Paper Presentation “Technoexcellence-2014” DVVP,COE, Ahmednagar 5/03/2014, 1st Prize
Paper Presentation “Technoexcellence-2014” DVVP,COE, Ahmednagar  21/03/2014, Precision,PREC, loni 3rd Prize
Vikas Kumar Rai Debate” Prec Loni,Civil Dpt,Search, Two Days National Level Technical Fest 7/03/2014 to 18/03/2014 1st Prize


6. Events Organized:

Year Date Event Details No of Students Participated Name & Affiliation of Expert
2016-2017 12/01/2017 to 13/01/2017 State level conference “TechnoVision 2K17” 200 Prof. N. S. Rajput IIT (BHU)Varanasi
13/01/2017 State level Quiz Competition TchnoQuiz 2017 100 Prof. N. S. Rajput IIT (BHU)Varanasi
2014-2015 16/01/2015 Techno-excellence-2015
(State level conference on image processing, VLSI& Embedded system sponsored by BCUD
292 Chief Guest:
Er.Ajatshatru Somani. General Manager BSNL
2. Guest of Honor: Dr Girish Mundada. Head Training & placement PICT Pune
2013-2014 05/03/2014 Techno-excellence-2014 300 1.Dy Director Akashwani Rajesh Beldar 2.Dr.Stefan.Ghaustavson, Director Technology HOGANAS B,SWEDAN
3.Dr Karin Ghaustavson HOGANAS AB, SWEDAN
2012-2013 4/03/2013 to 5/03/2013 Group Discussion 100 Dr. Burse J.C.(Judge)
11/01/2013 Paper presentation 50 Prof. A.K.Patil
Prof Botkar J.P.
Prof. Pawase T.N.(Judges)


7. Industrial Visits

Year Date Class Place Visited
2014-2015 02/03/2015 S.E. A.I.R. Akashwani, Ahmednagar
5/03/2015 & 6/03/2015 T.E. Electronic Test & development Center, (EDTC), Shivajinagar. Pune,
10/03/2015 & 13/03/2015 B.E. Manshu Comtel Pvt.Ltd.,MIDC, Satara.
2013-2014. 29/03/2014 S.E. A.I.R. Akashwani, Ahmednagar
10/02/2014 & 11/02/2014 T.E. Deepak Industries Pvt.Ltd., Kolhapur.
27/02/2014 to 1/03/2014 B.E. 1. Manshu Comtel Pvt.Ltd.
2. Mapro Foods Pvt. Ltd, Wai Dist: Satara.
2013-2012 23/03/2013 S.E. S S control system, Valunj MIDC, Aurangabad
7/03/2013 & 8/03/2013 T.E. Gadre Marine Export Pvt. Ltd. Plot No. EP-1 MIDC (Mirjole back), Ratnagiri-415639.
27/02/2014 to 1/03/2014 B.E. 1. Coca Cola Beverages India Pvt Ltd. Wada, Thane
2. Mapro Foods Pvt. Ltd, Wai Dist: Satara.
2011-2012. 02/ 2011 S.E BSNL Ahmednagar
14/11/2011 T.E All India Radio, Savedi, Ahmednagar.Pin 414003(Maharashtra state)
12/03/2012 B.E BSNL Ahmednagar